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Happy June!

Thank you to all that gave time and treasure for our Republican candidates in the Primary and in the Primary Runoff!  A special thanks to our candidates, thank you for being willing to serve and for the extra time and treasure you and your family sacrificed to campaign!

It’s been a crazy season, but now it’s time to take a short break before we’re all in to elect the Republican slate in November.  For some, your preferred candidate is not on the November ballot, but our nominees are determined.  We have a job to do - elect the Republican slate! Without question, the R's are our team!

As we prepare, there will be opportunities to register voters.  We must educate voters and be prepared to articulate why the Republican nominees deserve their vote.  It’s simple for me, the family discussion is over, and we need to elect the Republican nominee in each race, the candidate that aligns with the Republican Platform and values.  We believe that all life needs to be protected, that less government and lower taxes are better, that the border needs to be secured, that our right to guns is protected in the Constitution, that laws matter, that personal accountability matters, and that personal property rights matter.  Let’s have respectful conversations with folks that may disagree with us.  We may find common ground that’s not apparent. 

The people that represent us have a hard job!  In Austin, they are one of 181 elected officials before we count the statewide elected officials.  In DC, they are one of 535 before you consider the Executive Branch.  As we know, not all Republicans are in lock step on every issue.  Not every Republican elected official represents constituents that are as conservative as Parker County citizens.  May we agree with President Reagan that government is not the solution and someone that agrees with us most of the time should be called Friend. 

Together, we make a difference!  Watch for opportunities to serve at home AND for opportunities to campaign in other areas. 
Enjoy a short time to recharge so we are prepared to elect folks that will protect and preserve our great country.  Thanks for all that you do!

Zan Prince

Zan Prince 2021 PCRW President
200 Palo Pinto Weatherford, Texas 76086
817-594-5029 1-800-472-3707

Welcome to Parker County Republican Women of Weatherford (PCRW).

PCRW was federated in 2005 and is rich in heritage and involvement in

  • Supporting Republican ideals and principles
  • Working diligently to elect Republicans to office
  • Supporting our Veterans and Military
  • Staying informed on election issues, legislation and the political process
  • Keeping conservative Republicans in office

PCRW members are also members of the Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).
Download our membership form, become a member now, and join us. 
Our regular lunch meetings are held on

  • Third Thursday of each month from
  • 11:30 – 1:00
  • Doss Heritage and Culture Center,
  • 1400 Texas Drive, Weatherford, TX

Contact Karen Wilkinson, our hospitality chairman at to make a reservation.

We invite women and men who believe in conservative Republican principles to join our organization.
As Republicans, we face challenging times but you can make a difference. For more information, email us at
"Republican Women Shine!"



Zan Prince
2021 President

PO Box 283
Weatherford, TX 76086
Thank you!